Put it on me youngboy lyrics

[Outro] She know that I got it, just hit me wheneve

I think this bitch been playin' wit' my mind She want to invest Look, invest and stay off the internet Lit and we don't fuck with them What they in, we don't get into that Our time is worth way ...And my ho wanna put it on me I roll a bitch, I'm [?] That sign that she wanna pull up, I keep make her beggin' me, "Please" Let off shots, I be struck from a truck Bust 'em, zip 'em, let's keep it a peace Bitch, please don't get to postin' shit them niggas get the drop on me [Chorus] I know that she wan' put that p*ssy on me, put it on me

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[Outro] To the ones I was aggressive to, just know that I love you To the ones I don't fuck wit', nigga, just know that it's fuck you To the ones that think it's over, it ain't long 'til we touch ...[Chorus] It ain't no bitch I need (Huh) But you the type I want (Huh) So baby, come fuck with me (Huh) So baby, come wipe me down (Wipe me down) She knew Chinese, soon as I let her take a puff my ...[Chorus: Quavo] No, I'm not alone 'cause I came with the fire I'm still gon' put it on and my bitch match my vibe (Woo) The way the load drop, she might think it's out the sky (Drop) I'm standin ...[Chorus] Hold on, no way at all you gon' step on me (Let it out) Get ya issue if you thinkin' you gon' rep' off me (What?) They gon' find this nigga stankin', he ran up on me Boy, I ain't playin ...Are you planning a karaoke party and looking for the best karaoke tracks with lyrics and vocals? Look no further. In this article, we will guide you on how to find the perfect kara...Leor, light it up Huh, huh, hmm, hmm Man, this that Raq talk, look, look She wan' put that pussy on me, put it on me Come and pull up on me, make sure that they don't see We gon' f*ck from night to all the way to the morning I had to tell that bitch like, "She said them niggas claim they gon' dome me" Don't move boy, you got me f*cked up, we ... Subscribe and press (🔔) to join the Notification Squad you will get best of the best songs here and be the first one to Enjoy new Released video songs with ... [Chorus] Check out my swag, I'm shining, huh, cleaner than a motherfucker Put some niggas up behind my name, then you gon' be another Bitch, I'm out that North where ain't no shame, he get ...YoungBoy Never Broke Again, music video | 45K views, 721 likes, 465 loves, 68 comments, 568 shares, Facebook Watch Videos from NBA YoungBoy: Put It On Me (Official Music …I drink lean out the bottle. Soul flying rider, from the bottom, I'ma shine up. I won't hurt you if you don't hurt me. I ain't seen you yet, I'm working. I got choppas on the seat, I ain't worried ...[Outro] She know that I got it, just hit me whenever, wherever you go I ain't buy her no body I let the bitch drive the Maybach to the store Stack up that money, just layin', my grandad say, "On ...put it on me - YoungBoy lyrics#youngboyneverbrokeagain #youngboy #youngboyunreleased #viral #trending #best #newsong[Chorus: YoungBoy Never Broke Again] I was blind when they crossed me (Yeah) I was blind when they crossed me (I was blind) I was blind when they crossed me (Oh I) I was blind when they crossed me ...Sep 4, 2022 ... ... put my all into this shit, man I can ... NBA YoungBoy - I Hate YoungBoy (Lyrics) ... YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Don't Hurt Me (Lyric video).YoungBoy Never Broke Again · Song · 2022. Listen to Put It on Me on Spotify. YoungBoy Never Broke Again · Song · 2022. ...Lyrics [Intro] Leor, light it up Huh, huh, hmm, hmm This that rack talk, look, look [Chorus] She wan' put that pussy on me, put it on me Come and pull up...NBA YoungBoy - Put It On Me (Lyrics) "She wan' put that p**sy on me, put it on me" [TikTok Song] Twins Lyrics. 90.7K subscribers. Subscribed. 3.1K. 206K views …Bitch, I'll kill you, then I take your whistle, God know I don't like you niggas (Yeah, yeah) Feds wanna lock a nigga up 'cause he tote baby missiles (Baby) Bitch, don't bring my baby mama up, she ...Screamin', "Kill me, bitch," I missed my fade Gotta put bird back inside that cage When you think the gang, I'm on the same And I put two of them bitches up for somethin', and still got more in vain I ain't forget about what you did, my nigga Our opps don't know about them pictures Nigga don't know I coulda been and zipped himApr 4, 2022 ... ... me" That's twenty mill' for me, and here ... say she want a thug nigga, she told me that ... YoungBoy The North Bleeding Lyrics The North BleedingSubscribe and press (🔔) to join the Notification Squad and stay updated with new uploads Follow YoungBoy Never Broke Again:http://www.youngboynba.comhttps:/...[Intro] Slime (Greg Dinero) This for all them real niggas and every bitch supportin me [Verse] Turn me up they gotta listen to this These niggas fake and they ain't real as they say as they is You ...I just left from Saks and I put blood on my feet My PO told me &quo[Verse 2] From the gamble shack the to 'Yo From my YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Break Or Make Me'Sincerely, Kentrell' OUT NOW: https://youngboy.lnk.to/SincerelyKentrellID Subscribe for more official content f... NBA YoungBoy - Put It On Me (Lyrics)Song : Put It On MeArtist These hoes be on me 'cause they know all these other niggas cap Out late night with Three, ma, I ain't comin' home I been tryna make it through the headphones You see me when I came in, I was all alone Now nobody understand the type of time I'm on Four choppers in the coupe, me and my bro 'nem Catch him, run down on him, we gon' put it on himCheese. Leor Shevah. 301.Arjun. Music video. "Put It on Me" on YouTube. " Put It on Me " is a song by American rapper YoungBoy Never Broke Again from his mixtape Realer 2 (2022). It was produced by Cheese, Leor Shevah … Get on my knee on side the bed like &quo

Doped up, need another fix. I don't know where the fuck his mind went. Big bank, get your head popped. Bitch, you know how that time spent. Riding 'round at that devil risk. All night tryna slime ...Double Cup Lyrics. [Chorus] Ha, double cup my styrofoam, 'cause you know I like my lean cold on ice. Thinkin' 'bout you layin' inside my room, 'cause you know I didn't forget about your stone cold ..."Pull up in that lamb, jump out like wazzam?/Let me be there for you baby, let me make you laugh/I won't hide a thing, I'ma show you who I am/I won't address you off your past you know I don't ...(Uh) [Refrain] Mama, I wanna tell you that I'm sorry for them hard times I know I'm selfish, but behind you, I stay on my grind Wish you can help me, but I'm sinnin', I need more money I need a ...[Chorus: DaBaby] Yeah, both of 'em bad, saditty (Yeah) Shakin' their ass and titties (Go) No, I'm not needin' a pass for cities I'm in the V with a blammer with me Monique got some shit she playin ...

I put that switch on the bitch and I'm sendin' his lil' ass home. You know that I gotta be geeked in this bitch. I get high as I can, I geek up with the bitch. She never once know I broke up with her friend. My jewelry, it come from a national brand. My blood, they know I'm the bomb, say, "Damn". Now let's get it on, these niggas some hoes. Put It On Me …

Reader Q&A - also see RECOMMENDED ARTICLES & FAQs. Bitch, please don′t get to postin' shit that them niggas . Possible cause: I know you feel the devil reachin' for you (Ooh, ooh) But I got you,.

RICHEST OPPShe can't see I need her love, I say I'm through. 'Cause I'm too real for this ho not be real with me, oh, I. 'Cause I'm too chill for this ho not be good to me, slime. [Chorus] I'ma buy a ...Anything we can talk 'bout, you can tell me some things You think I'm too thugged out, my past too uneasy Tonight you should go out, it's okay if you leave me 'Cause I don't wanna party It's okay I'll be fine, can't run away So I just lay, gettin' full of drank Now you come in, put that pussy on my face I want a brand new FN, motherfuck that Drac'

[Chorus] You say I ain't your nigga But I feel I'm somethin' deeper I'm a softly spoken creature And I know you wanna see my fly I'd die for you, you know Hope you don't switch up neither [Post ...NBA YoungBoy - Put It On Me (Lyrics) Song : Put It On Me Artist : NBA YoungBoy Album : Realer 2 LYRICS She wan' put that pussy on me, put it on me Come and ...

[Verse 2] Black Forces, my gun, you cannot see, I'm lookin' like I Put It On Me Nba Youngboy Lyricis.Fr. Gon' follow up but nigga Rock'll do. I′m gone you always knew that I was strong baby. Yea and get that money and f*ck these n*ggas. It will be a lie I'll say I ain′t hurtin'. You just remember that that time goes on baby. Comin' home late but I know I′m gon' leave one night. [Chorus: YoungBoy Never Broke Again] Strugglin', hustlin&#I drink lean out the bottle. Soul flying rider, from the [Chorus] Because I pull up on 'em with my head down Baby I won't fuck you from the back, so put yo' legs down Money on yo' head, now, feds on our trail, now Bitch I'm out on bail, but I ... [Pre-Chorus] How the fuck you think another NBA YoungBoy - Green Dot Lyrics Dumb shit, you know that I'm walking with it on me I say stomp him, then that's when they stepping on your homie I say stretch him, catch me murder walking then I bang Pushing next to them, rip down, draw down on you, what you saying?[Intro] Berge always flexin' It's Malik on the track [Chorus] They don't know me, I'm doin' fine, so let 'em talk about me You better keep your head on in the streets Bust a nigga head, everybody ... May 13, 2023 ... ... put shit on channel 9 I'm quick to noti[Chorus: DDG] All of my young niggas losing they lif REMASTERED IN HD!Official Music Video for Put It One Me perfor [YoungBoy Never Broke Again:] You deserve to shine Please put this chain on I don't care what they say I put that ring on Check out how these chicks be mentionin' outfits made by V-Lone This ain't no cheap love, these diamonds set by each stone I know I got yo' love, I'm frontin', she said can you show me blow that bag (Uhu), blow that cash (Oh ...I'm startin' to think that I pay over for your love (Your love) I'm fresh as hell, yeah, that's your loss, I ain't no scrub (I ain't no scrub) I was fallin' in love with you, I ain't take you as ... [Outro] She know that I got it, just hit me whenever [Chorus] And I fuckin' hate myself (Myself) And all of these choices I have to make (Have to make) And I don't want no one else (No one else) But I have to be all alone for the change (For the ... [Chorus: YoungBoy Never Broke Again] Living like a rockstar [(Uh) [Refrain] Mama, I wanna tell you thSep 6, 2022 · Purge Me Lyrics. Realer 2 is YoungBoy Neve NBA YoungBoy - Put It On Me - YouTube Music. New recommendations. 0:00 / 0:00. A new music service with official albums, singles, videos, remixes, live performances and more for Android, iOS and desktop.